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About Egyptian Science Week

Egyptian Science Week is an initiative that celebrates science and technology it takes place each year in March. This celebration aims to increase the public interest and understanding and also the public appreciation of science, innovation, engineering and technology, and their role in maintaining and improving our society, economy and environment. The celebration is held through buzzing scientific shows, inspiring public lectures, engaging scientific competitions, and various interesting activities. Science Week will feature more than 150 events throughout the whole country in collaboration with its reputable collaborators and partners. It is scheduled to be held on March of every year in parallel with British science week.

We created the Egyptian Science Week to achieve our objective of encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of science.

Founded in 2015, Delta Square managed to gather all the scientific communities, individuals and entities in Egypt under a one umbrella: simplifying the concepts of science.

In 2016, we achieved a great success with over 150 scientific events.


In 2017, We organized three main events in Cairo, Alexandria and Aswan. We also offered more than 252 scientific offline events and 498 online activities through articles and videos.

The success we achieved over the last couple of years motivated us to accomplish more in the Egyptian Science Week 2018.

In 2018 we managed to reach five governorates and hold several field events all over Egypt, which made it a remarkable year for us.